Honest tales from a Test Engineer

Author of this blog posing in front of a mountain in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.
Riding through the mountains on the Ha Giang Loop, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.
August 2019

Trainee Accountant > Business Studies Student > HR Administrator > Test Engineer.

Pretty weird career path, right?

My route into testing certainly hasn’t been a linear one. My aim for this blog is to explain the scary jargon, inspire others to consider a career in testing and to provide a creative outlet for the shite that enters my brain. I want to prove that anybody can be a tester, you just need to have the right mindset.

Check out my social links if you want to see my attempts at proper coding (GitHub), my work experience and background (LinkedIn) or pictures of my dog (Instagram). Do it, she’s well cute.

I eventually intend on turning this blog into a proper website using Gatsby but for now WordPress will do.